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About Us

The main source of coconut goods from Indonesia is Coco producers Indonesia. We are a business that produces numerous coconut goods using top-notch components. Over 1,500 hectares of coconut plantations distributed over a number of eastern Indonesian islands are processed by us.
Initially, our business was involved in manufacturing, turning coconut shells into charcoal along with other products made from coconut derivatives. After that, our business continued to grow by investing in coconut farms and processing more derivative products.

Since serving clients from all over the world, Coco producers Indonesia has made it a top priority to fulfill their expectations.

The World's Top Producers

Cocoproducer is the World’s Top Producer that provides various kinds of processed coconut with the best quality and ready to be shipped all over the world.

Over Ten Years In Business

For ten years we have contributed in the field of coconut derivatives and we have sent to various countries, and we as exporters will continue to improve the quality and integrity, and we are also highly committed to our products.

Our Products

Fresh Coconut

Our coconut is known for its sweet water, thick and fleshy flesh, and the taste of fresh Indonesian coconut. The coconuts that we supply the most are brown, perfectly ripe coconuts with a minimum age of 60 days. We can supply Fresh Coconut from Indonesia in any quantity required at competitive prices on a regular basis. We can provide fresh coconut without husk and inner shell as well as semi husk coconut


Coconut milk is a milky white liquid that comes from grated old coconut meat that is moistened before being squeezed and filtered. Its opaque appearance and rich taste are due to its oil content, the bulk of which is saturated fat

Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil


Fatty acid/Persetase(%)
Iodine Value/7.36%


Coconut Briquette produce of 100% natural coconut charcoal shell. The coconut briquettes can get high fixed carbon can produce good heat quality during burning

our briquettes are made from premium raw material so can produce the best specification for shisha/hookah. the ash content max 2-2,5%, calori value reach 7000 – 7500 kcal, and the important thing is the color of ash is white ash

Our Team

Yendra Afrija


Bobi Yuliani



Product Manager

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